Interviews – preparation & actual meeting!

Interviews – preparation & actual meeting! Interviews – I don’t think there are many people that wholeheartedly embrace interviews, even those that purport to love them, I think that’s either a foolhardy or slightly off-key attitude!  Even those that are practiced interviewers, will admit that they aren’t really a fan of them, if they’re very[…]

It’s the little things, not just the CV & interview – you are being scrutinised!

It’s the little things, not just the CV & interview – you are being scrutinised! When going through a job application process, it’s easy to think that as long as you send your bespoke CV, with bespoke covering letter, for the positions that you believe you are amply experienced and qualified, that’s all that matters![…]

The CV – yes that flimsy piece of paper that gets you the interview!

The CV – yes that flimsy piece of paper that gets you the interview! Much has been said about the death of the CV, that we are moving towards vlogging, podcasts or such mediums to advertise our wares! I think we are a long way from that stage!  The amount of CVs that I see[…]

How to get the most from your recruiter

Most people view recruiters as a necessary evil!  They have in the past, gained as bad a rap as being an Estate Agent,  in the times of economic booms! No doubt there are a lot of bad operators out there and I am not going to dwell on typical failings in this blog,  but suggest[…]

Quality &/or quantity?

I know from previous experience, if I have been out of work there is a huge tendency to apply for any job that looks remotely suitable, mainly out of sheer panic!  The order of the day is usually something like this: 1) Put the kettle on 2) Check the over night responses from previous jobs[…]

Should I be bold and call the company after sending my job application?

Yes, yes & yes! Obviously there are going to be challenges in reaching the right person, as these days it is rarely clear who the actual recruiter or hiring manager is, from an on-line job ad. However, follow these steps if the recruiter or point of contact isn’t named: 1) Check out the company on[…]

Writing a stand-out cover letter

Cover letters – the source of so much angst! (1) What makes a good cover letter? (2) How do I address the recipient? (3) Who actually is the recipient? (4) Does the addressee actually bother reading a cover letter at all?! ….the questions are endless Let’s deal with what actually constitutes a good cover letter[…]

Do I acknowledge the recruiter’s overtures if I am not looking for a role?

To be “head hunted” used to be a real badge of honour.  Nowadays it’s more of an irritant to be contacted by recruiters, who with the advances in technology, can find you through so many social channels, which don’t usually involve a call to your current workplace, as they did in yesteryear!  – So count[…]

Why you should make sure you classify yourself correctly on LinkedIn

Going back to a theme of a week or so ago, in the blog “Why aren’t recruiters looking for you?” – It is important to have an understanding of some of the ways in which recruiters will search for candidates. I’ll take a simple example – I’m looking for a Sales Manager with experience in[…]

Writing a compelling profile for your CV

WRITING A COMPELLING PROFILE FOR YOUR CV The main reason for writing a profile is to aid the reader to quickly understand, who you are, what you do and what you want to do. Think of it as maybe what you might say if you were meeting the reader of the CV in person “I’d[…]