The job market post Covid-19 in Ireland

Well, where do we start?  At the beginning of 2020, we were cresting on the wave of full-employment.  Recruiters were struggling to get quality candidates.  Fast-forward to May 2020 – there are around 1/4 of the population on some form of welfare support. While some industries are slowly coming back to life – construction for[…]

Job hunting post pandemic

Job hunting during and post pandemic Up to February/March 2020, the job market had been candidate driven – as in there was a real shortage of candidates across sectors, from technology through to retail and hospitality. The tables have well and truly turned and companies are now shedding staff, or worse – closing up shop[…]

Maximising your brand – screening candidates

Did you know that we also manage volume recruitment response on behalf of clients? We can sift through voluminous CVs and short-list those for screening Respond in a personalised manner to those that are not successful at application and screening stage Present all the candidates to be progressed to 1st stage interview with useful indicators[…]

Managing recruiters and simply getting the job you want

Managing recruiters and simply getting the job you want This is the follow-on to a post I wrote here in February, about the folly of companies who are hiring and treating job candidates (also potential customers and advocates of their brands) with disdain and utter contempt in some cases! This is a companion piece, but[…]

It’s the little things, not just the CV & interview – you are being scrutinised!

It’s the little things, not just the CV & interview – you are being scrutinised! When going through a job application process, it’s easy to think that as long as you send your bespoke CV, with bespoke covering letter, for the positions that you believe you are amply experienced and qualified, that’s all that matters![…]

How to get the most from your recruiter

Most people view recruiters as a necessary evil!  They have in the past, gained as bad a rap as being an Estate Agent,  in the times of economic booms! No doubt there are a lot of bad operators out there and I am not going to dwell on typical failings in this blog,  but suggest[…]

Should I be bold and call the company after sending my job application?

Yes, yes & yes! Obviously there are going to be challenges in reaching the right person, as these days it is rarely clear who the actual recruiter or hiring manager is, from an on-line job ad. However, follow these steps if the recruiter or point of contact isn’t named: 1) Check out the company on[…]

Do I acknowledge the recruiter’s overtures if I am not looking for a role?

To be “head hunted” used to be a real badge of honour.  Nowadays it’s more of an irritant to be contacted by recruiters, who with the advances in technology, can find you through so many social channels, which don’t usually involve a call to your current workplace, as they did in yesteryear!  – So count[…]