The job market post Covid-19 in Ireland

Well, where do we start?  At the beginning of 2020, we were cresting on the wave of full-employment.  Recruiters were struggling to get quality candidates.  Fast-forward to May 2020 – there are around 1/4 of the population on some form of welfare support. While some industries are slowly coming back to life – construction for[…]

Job hunting post pandemic

Job hunting during and post pandemic Up to February/March 2020, the job market had been candidate driven – as in there was a real shortage of candidates across sectors, from technology through to retail and hospitality. The tables have well and truly turned and companies are now shedding staff, or worse – closing up shop[…]

Why you should make sure you classify yourself correctly on LinkedIn

Going back to a theme of a week or so ago, in the blog “Why aren’t recruiters looking for you?” – It is important to have an understanding of some of the ways in which recruiters will search for candidates. I’ll take a simple example – I’m looking for a Sales Manager with experience in[…]