Service for screening CVs and candidates during COVID-19 period and beyond

Due to the prevailing market conditions, Short Call are pleased to reintroduce their outsourced screening service.  During the last few years our service has been very much actively going out to hunt and secure candidates.  Of course, now the tables have turned!

The service works as follows:

  • You give us your direct applicants – of which you will undoubtedly have plenty of, once this emergency is over
  • We sift and screen these applicants, short-listing those that meet the exact criteria you provide us with – job spec, core competencies, availability etc.
  • We telephone screen those applicants and then share the optimum matched ones with you for further consideration
  • We can also design assessment centres, to quickly assess a group of candidates in one session, to shave time off the whole hiring process
  • Priced on a highly-competitive, project or day-rate basis

Please call Amanda on +353 (0)86 407 0912 for a quick, no obligation chat about the service.

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