Black holes – sending CVs to on-line job boards!

Ever wondered why you don’t even get a courtesy of a reply from some of the larger companies?

Or – you think your experience is exactly what the company is looking for, but you do not even get called for a telephone interview?

Answer: The larger companies have what are known as “applicant tracking systems”, otherwise known as ATS.  These are effectively electronic readers of CVs and cover letters.  Their system will be pre-programmed with all the key words for the particular job in question, that you are applying for.

Unless your CV (and cover letter if desired) has enough mentions or matching terms that reflect exactly what is in the potential employer’s job description – you will be automatically, without any human intervention (!) into the black hole!

I know it’s a pain and time consuming, but this is a very stark lesson, that all job applications should be approached on an individual basis – particularly for on-line application systems.

There are not many “human” recruiters like me left, where there is actually a human-being reading CVs, even though I use an on-line system from time to time.

It supports the over-riding theory that there is no substitute to connecting and networking, in order to cast the spotlight on yourself and build personal relationships, to get that job! – However, that’s another blog post!

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