Outsource roles to be filled on a time-spent basis only – our optimum and best value product.

We will quote you upfront on how many days’ work a role is likely to require, so you know exactly what your overall spend will be.  You can choose from:

  • Sourcing and screening of candidates only, for introduction into your internal talent pool – ideal if you are on a budget and just need qualified and engaged candidates.
  • Full service – sourcing, selection & shortlisting of candidates after full competency based interview by Short Call.


Reputation management has never been more critical in these days of over active social media users.  Short Call can manage your job ad responses, to ensure that everyone gets a response regardless and that your future potential customers will view your brand in a positive light.

This service is ideal for volume, or seasonal campaigns.

We can now provide fully managed electronic management via personalised URLs, which can be routed to Short Call for sifting purposes, so to avoid you and your server having to manage the response.  These links can be used across your advertising channels, all pointing towards Short Call.

We can also manage postal, verbal and email applications. Typical items may include, sending out of candidate information, fielding queries about the recruitment process. We can send positive, regret and on-hold correspondence as required.

We can also screen applications against the competencies required for the given role and also carry out telephone screening, to build a suitable short list of candidates.


For companies that wish to utilise multiple channels for their recruitment needs and do not wish to work on a cost-effective exclusive basis.  We offer traditional contingency recruitment, with fees starting at 10% of salary, dependent on scope/complexity of role and  anticipated future volumes. 


Outsource part, or the entirety of your recruiting activity for one monthly fee, with no additional charges whatsoever, so you exactly what your budgeted recruitment spend is each month! Promotes huge cost savings - not only on recruitment agency fees, but by not carrying the burden of a fully-loaded employee with the employee costs that come with that.  The fee is based on taking an average of the roles you might fill in a typical year OR if you are planning for a ramp-up in staffing - based on those projected numbers. We can manage your job boards, all applications, direct sourcing and also liaise with your recruitment agencies if required.

Service is bespoke to suit your needs.  No minimal contractual commitment. Works really well for companies that do not have recruitment specialists within their HR or general management structure.