Withdrawal Agreement Clause 38

Look at the legislation www.legislation.gov.uk/eut/withdrawal-agreement/contents/adopted It says in the left column “This is an EU treaty.” The Vienna Convention applies only to sovereign states and not to international organizations; always. It also means that we do not control our own taxes, so our country cannot choose the power to tax one of our sales. It`s decided for us. It must be the VAT system. That is what we had to introduce when we joined the European Union. There are arguments in favour of pursuing some kind of VAT system, but we certainly want to decide at what rate it is levied and on what items it is levied. There are a whole series of points on which I think we should not be raised, on which I think I would find agreement within the whole committee. However, we are not allowed today to remove VAT from green products, for example, because it is contrary to European Union rules. I look forward to the opportunity to design our own tax system as soon as we are in good shape. Sir William Cash was almost a lonely voice in his contempt for the EU, and for many years it must have looked like a lost battle — the fact that he came up with clause 38 demonstrates his brilliance and integrity.

It is a model of what a member should be. Let`s start with the money. Yes, we want to take back control of the money. This Parliament cannot decide to reduce the amount it pays to the European Union. They decide: they decide the bill and they impose the bill. I hope that the ministers can assure me that this will stop after December, at the end of the transposition period, and that we will only pay if there is an agreement between us and the European Union, which we accept for common services or policies that we want to adopt as a sovereign nation. We cannot continue to take their hand in our pocket and take our money under its legal powers. Villaking, There is no “transcription” of the bilateral agreement between the UK and the EU, unless the EU tries to abuse immediately and credibly provisions within the VA to dissolve the UK from Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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