White Shipping Agreement Pib

These multilateral agreements are necessary because of the heavy traffic in the Indian Ocean, which cannot be totally controlled by any nation. Net Paper 2: IR Bilateral, regional and global groups and agreements in which India participates and/or harms Indian interests will cooperate in the disclosure of information on white shipping. The world`s seas are connected to each other and ships can regularly sail around the globe to search for cargo. For example, a ship that is now in Indian waters may be able to sail to a distant destination and, in the same way, sail from ports around the world to India. Advance information about the vessel, its destination and planned itinerary, etc., is therefore extremely useful in collecting an effective MDA, as it can then be correctly identified during check-in. This information will probably be available with the country from which it is sailing. The information is just as relevant to the destination country and the information that is happening on the way. This is why the mutual exchange of this information, called White Shipping Information, is extremely useful for all concerned. India has signed an agreement to join the Trans Regional Maritime Network (NMR) which aims to exchange information on transport on the high seas. The pacts included agreements on the exploration and use of space for peaceful purposes, an agreement on the prevention of double taxation, cooperation in the field of health, cooperation in information technology, cybersecurity and agreement on treaty and design, shipbuilding in India, provision of equipment and technology transfer. Vietnam has shown a strong interest in air production and defence production. India`s TT will build high-speed offshore patrols for the Vietnamese coastguard, while an agreement on the UN peace cooperation programme has been signed.

In addition, an agreement has been signed between the Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences and the Indian Council of World Affairs, the MoU between the BIS and STAMEQ for mutual recognition of standards, an agreement on the establishment of a sustainable IT infrastructure for advanced computer training and a protocol between Vietnam and India, which will be celebrated in 2017 as the year of friendship. The agreements were signed by officials from both sides in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Vietnamese counterpart Nguyen Xuan Phuc. There are a series of Iranian activities that worry the international community and Barack Obama outside the framework of the international agreement to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. “The Indian navy is responsible for concluding white maritime information exchange agreements with 36 countries and three multinational constructions,” said an official source.

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