Secondment Agreement Government Of Canada

For Alberta government employees seconded to another organization or department, any direct salary costs paid to or on behalf of the employee should be included in the calculation used to determine the amount to be charged. Secondments and assignments are both temporary cross-movements of a staff member to perform the functions of an existing position or to take on a specific project. However, while secondments are made to another division (intra-departmental), assignments are made within a division or agency (intrademental). In both cases, the employee maintains their content position in the original department/agency or organization and is paid by the original department/agency or organization. If the agreement does not include a provision for such amendments, a letter of amendment refining the amendments should be prepared and signed by all parties to the original agreement. A secondment/exploration contract should contain the following information: Thank you for your answers. I understand that the detachments are left entirely to management, I am simply surprised that directives or directives have not been written anywhere on this subject. The managers of the home organisation (seconded) and the host organisation (seconded) are responsible for advising the human resources department during the secondment by applying the organisational procedures. In some cases, for example.B. In cases where there is a fixed time limit for posting, the sending employer may wish to continue to be designated as an employer under customary law and the receiving employer for the purposes of the posting agreement. As a general rule, in such an agreement, the sending employer continues to compensate the workers and the employer who receives reimbursement of employment-related expenses to the sending employer. Some of these clauses are not mandatory and may not be applicable in certain cases (e.g.B. the relocation clause is not relevant if the possibility of posting is in the same location as the seconded person.

Other clauses that are necessary but have some flexibility are as follows: workers for whom the Board of Directors is the employer (central administration of the public administration) have the right to take orders or secondments. . . .

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