Sample Contract Agreement For Wedding Planner

🙂 Thank you for that information. All this is very useful to make my business work, especially the standard contract. Events to Remember in the Las Vegas area is my passion for life to start soon. Thank you again. Tina Do you have any model contracts, especially the liability clause? Until you have in your hands an executed (i.e. signed) contract, avoid the temptation to work for each bride. Without a marriage contract, a bride is just a potential client. This sample really helped me. I was a little frustrated because I didn`t know how to formulate my contract. I very much appreciate that you provide a contract that I can use for my business.

Thank you very much for the standard contract. What I did was visit other wedding venues and pick up parts and pieces that worked for my business. Both companies have been in business for at least 10 years. But your standard contract gave me another idea. I do not know what the problem might be. I tried different machines/computers without any problem. Here is the direct link. I hope it will work, this time But it`s a good place to start.

for event organizers/coordinators and wedding planners. If you simply replace the wedding planning description with each of the services you want to offer as the event coordinator, you should be in good shape. Remember that you should have any contract you have established checked by a local lawyer to make sure they protect you and that they are acceptable depending on where you are. I hope it helps. 🙂 Thank you for writing. My best advice is that you first review your wedding planner contract with a local lawyer. The proposal provided is only a starting point. I am sorry that I cannot provide answers to the specific terms you mentioned. Good luck…

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