Homegauge Edit Agreement

Adding your consent to HG software makes distribution easier. In addition, it itself is populated on the basis of the information you enter into the report, so that the agreement no longer needs to be changed for each review. It also gives you the ability to use the online click agreement so that you can accept this contract in advance or prevent your client from viewing the report until he agrees. The online click agreement is as simple as downloading a report! If you want to download the agreement for your client to agree online before conducting the audit, take the following steps: If you select the sample agreement, the selected example will be open. Then you can perform the treatments that follow the agreement in order to adapt it to your business. You can also add replacement variables to this agreement. You can find the instructions for using these fields above. We integrate your credit card processing directly into your Home Gauge software. We understand the home inspection industry and are happy to support Home Gauge users. The last thing you need to do to activate your account is to remove your account Authorize.net from “Test” mode. To do this, simply log in to your Authorize.net account, click the “Account” tab, and then click on the “Test Mode” link under “General Security Settings.” Turn off the test mode and you`re done.

You are now ready to process credit card transactions inside your Home Gauge software. 5) We must now insert the link to the report on this page. While you are in the editing mode of this type of page in the text you want for the link, as for example. B, Sample Home Inspection Report. Now, high light with the mouse of the text that has just entered, then click the “Link” button on the toolbar. A new window appears and the link for the report is entered into the URL box. Click the “Insert a Link” button and you`ve added a link to an example report on your website. You can repeat this for as many sample reports as you want to create.

HomeGauge has a feature for online agreements. This feature allows you to send agreements and get your customers` approval before the inspection with an electronic signature.

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