Ford Credit Finance Agreement

Your Ford Dealer will discuss with you the accessibility of the financial product and, in some cases, we will ask for more information to help if necessary. Full Insurance Your car protects you, Ford Credit and any other party involved in an accident. If you have to pay off your car without full insurance, you are still required to repay your financing contract. Keep: Keep the options The Ford Car also gives you the flexibility to own the car at the end of the deal. All you need to do, as long as all payments have been made, is to arrange the payment of the optional final payment. Ford Hire Purchase agreements include a purchase rate that must be paid at the end of the agreement if you wish to take over ownership of the vehicle. No no. All of our business finance products offer fixed collective agreements, so you know exactly what you will pay for the duration of the agreement. Just return your vehicle to your Ford Dealer who performs an evaluation of their vehicle. As long as the vehicle complies with our “fair wear and tear” standards and you are within your agreed kilometres, you will have to pay nothing. Your Wear and Tear guide, provided at the beginning of your agreement, will give you more information about fairwear and the evaluation and return process. You must sign a return document that will allow your Ford dealer to enter into your Ford Options contract with Ford Credit.

Ford Credit is one of Ireland`s largest and most established car lenders. This means that you can benefit from our size and expertise with a number of financing plans to help you buy your next car. In addition, no separate trips to the bank are required. We always strive to facilitate the financing of a Ford through our products and services, while offering maximum customer service and support. Subject to meeting our normal credit criteria, we generally finance up to 80% of the total amount of the vehicle purchased. Yes, but we ask for your consent before proceeding with a search. The request for consent involves researching and passing on information to credit agencies to assess applications for credit and credit services and to be subject to ongoing credit monitoring. We are not in a position to transfer contracts on behalf of another person, regardless of their relationship with you. Your first due date will be displayed on your contract.

It is not possible to partially settle your agreement. Your Ford Dealer will give you a copy of your financial offer and the original will then be sent to us for processing. Once we have created your account, you will receive a copy of your financial contract with a welcome letter. To confirm your identity, you must present a driver`s license or a full passport.

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