District 196 Ipad User Agreement

Sophomore: Hey! I am a Sophomore and have lived in Eden Prairie for 13 years. I`ve always been very happy with my school district. Staff and teachers are positive, helpful, creative and inspiring. For example, I`m Sophomore at Eden Prairie High School. Every Monday, our director, Mr. McCartan, will give a brief message of inspiration and a quote on the speaker. I also had teachers who calm me down during panic attacks, and willing to work with me and my schedule when I feel overwhelmed, when I try to reconcile school and extracurricular. The kids here are also very polite and welcoming, and it`s a generally positive environment to be. Read 31 Alum Reviews: Minnetonka Public Schools have the best school district in Minnesota. Being alumni here has prepared me perfectly for the future and life outside of high school and to live more realistically outside of Minnesota. In the future, I would recommend this school district to all those who want children to have a bright and fantastic future! My whole family graduated and went to Minnetonka schools, and the community that created these schools for me is fantastic when people I always say I`m proud to say I went to Minnetonkaread 53 Junior Reviews: The Mounds View Public School offers students so many opportunities. With always amazing training, I was part of the extraordinary extracurricular and programs that helped me grow as a person.

Teachers and students are all very diligent and in particular, Mounds View high school can be tense and stressful at times, the neighborhood is nevertheless excellent. Read 35 Parents Reviews: It was a great neighborhood! Many programs and activities for K-12 students. My daughter started kindergarten and was very active in programming in her K-6, 7-9, 20-12th grade schools. She also had other extracurricular activities outside the borough. Read 29 Junior Reviews: I`m very impressed with this neighborhood. The school environment and the spirit motivated me. Thanks to the diversity of courses available to students, I discovered, through my school experience, more details about myself, my talents and my purpose. The staff are excellent. They are role models for me, and they are always there for me when I need them.

The staff and students help me to be the best version of me I can be! This district also has some unity that I found encouraging. Overall, I am very grateful for the excellent experience I had with this neighborhood. Read 44 Reviews We encourage families to watch this video in anticipation of receiving an iPad issued by the District. Junior: Northfield Public School District is a large school district that takes care and appreciates every student. They depart to ensure that each student has a chance to provide the learning, whether it is to ensure that they have access to a tutor or slower classes. They go to school almost 160 days a year, if the government maximum 170 and 3/4 of all students who participate are in sports or university clubs. Teachers ensure that students understand teaching through anonymous surveys, so that students can be 100% honest. Northfield gives iPad students to learn. We use a platform called Schoology to see all upcoming commands and submit tasks.

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