Burnaby Public Library Collective Agreement

If it turns out that this policy is contrary to the collective agreement, it is the text of the contract that takes precedence. The pages deliver returned library documents and keep all items in order on the shelves. The pages clean the library, collect all the materials used by the benefactors and bring them back to the right areas. Library staff work in a wide range of positions, including public information desks, traffic services, processing new materials in our acquisition or cataloguing department, preparatory work for various administrative tasks, and providing delivery services to home customers. Send a completed application form to the library or send it to us: BPL librarians work in a variety of roles, including reference, reader advice, programming, community engagement, selection, technology, cataloguing and collection management. Librarians work in the commune and in the four branches of the library. The librarian`s duties may include monitoring other officers. Employees in non-executive positions are members of burnaby Civic Employees` Union (CUPE 23, Library Division). Visit their website to provide information on collective agreements, salary plans and more. All positions in the library are based on skills, knowledge and skills, as well as national and federal laws. Construction staff`s duties include small and janitorial maintenance related to the building and library site. BSWs may also be required to drive a delivery vehicle.

Burnaby Public Library is a four-branch municipal library system that serves a diverse and changing community of more than 230,000 people. No library attorney or staff member will allow his name to be used as an introduction or reference by parents seeking employment in the library system. This directive also applies when two (2) library staff are employed under the above definition. At BPL, you can be part of a dedicated team that: We believe that the diversification of our team makes our organization stronger and more thoughtful for the community we serve. We are looking for people who are empathizing and bringing different experiences and perspectives.

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