First and lasting impressions at interview

Recently I have had feedback from 2  separate clients about 2 candidates that didn’t get any further than first stage interview. This was of course 90% due to their performance in the actual interview situation, but one of the more standout comments fed back, was that on both occasions, both candidates failed to engage with[…]

Managing recruiters and simply getting the job you want

This is the follow-on to a post I wrote here in February, about the folly of companies who are hiring and treating job candidates (also potential customers and advocates of their brands) with disdain and utter contempt in some cases! This is a companion piece, but this time putting the spotlight on how candidates can[…]

CV templates – get in front of the Hiring Manager and past the robots

After reading (at a conservative estimate) 10-15 CVs per working day over a 20 year period, it’s safe to say, I have seen some excellent ones and some not so good ones. Sadly the poor ones outweigh the stand-out ones, which after all – job hunting is challenging enough, without having a fit for purpose[…]

Bringing good manners back to recruitment

Picture the scene – you are frantically sending out multiple job applications per day, crafting a cover note for each, tweaking your CV to highlight your pertinent experience relevant to the job you are applying for – and you get nothing back, if you are very “lucky” – an auto-response, acknowledging your application. As a[…]

Interviews – preparation & actual meeting!

Interviews – I don’t think there are many people that wholeheartedly embrace interviews, even those that purport to love them, I think that’s either a foolhardy or slightly off-key attitude!  Even those that are practiced interviewers, will admit that they aren’t really a fan of them, if they’re very honest! So – you have the[…]

It’s the little things, not just the CV & interview – you are being scrutinised!

When going through a job application process, it’s easy to think that as long as you send your bespoke CV, with bespoke covering letter, for the positions that you believe you are amply experienced and qualified, that’s all that matters! You would think so, but from the moment you get the first positive overture from[…]

The CV – yes that flimsy piece of paper that gets you the interview!

Much has been said about the death of the CV, that we are moving towards vlogging, podcasts or such mediums to advertise our wares! I think we are a long way from that stage!  The amount of CVs that I see on a weekly basis, that are simply not fit for purpose staggers me. There[…]

How to get the most from your recruiter

Most people view recruiters as a necessary evil!  They have in the past, gained as bad a rap as being an Estate Agent,  in the times of economic booms! No doubt there are a lot of bad operators out there and I am not going to dwell on typical failings in this blog,  but suggest[…]

Quality &/or quantity?

I know from previous experience, if I have been out of work there is a huge tendency to apply for any job that looks remotely suitable, mainly out of sheer panic!  The order of the day is usually something like this: 1) Put the kettle on 2) Check the over night responses from previous jobs[…]

Should I be bold and call the company after sending my job application?

Yes, yes & yes! Obviously there are going to be challenges in reaching the right person, as these days it is rarely clear who the actual recruiter or hiring manager is, from an on-line job ad. However, follow these steps if the recruiter or point of contact isn’t named: 1) Check out the company on[…]