Angies List Membership Agreement

If you want to get rid of Angie`s list, you`ll probably want to get rid of your account first. Unfortunately, it`s easier said than done, but you have a few options. The best way to cancel your paid subscription. You lose access to certain features, but you can continue to use the site. Prior to the launch of the free green subscription, Angie`s List occasionally offered free trial versions through coupons or when opening an entry into a new area. The number of subscribers who forgot it and registered it for paid membership was no doubt overwhelming. If that were to happen today, you wouldn`t have to worry about paying for another year of membership in Angie`s list. The DoNotPays virtual credit card would take care of all this for you by preventing the company from charging you a fee after the free trial ends. You can use this feature with other free trial versions, if not with the Angies list, and save money for unwanted subscriptions.

I noticed a fee on my statement of account. It turned out to be an automatic renewal (frustration #1). My bad for not cancelling it. Went to cancel and my plan does not accept calls to their service center (#2). I have to go online to cancel. Follow the instructions, go online and the cancel option is not available (#3). Just click the “Resilient Membership” button. Links an online message and I`m not yet online (#4).

VERY DECEITFUL Tactical for a company that prides itself on auditing service companies. Not a shock coming from a dying company. Google, Yelp do the same for free! Don`t use Angie`s list. They say they are “free.” It`s not you. These are complete drawbacks. I signed up four years ago when I bought a new home in a new field. I never found anyone reliable thanks to it, so I cancelled. The following year, they automatically renewed my account, even though I put my account on NOT auto renew. I called, they paid back.

The following year, it happened again (TWICE they tried to overwhelm me every three months). I called, they said it was my fault, but when I was part of the CC company, they withdrew. I asked that they delete my information. They agreed. Now, this year, for the third year in a row, they are trying to automatically renew my account. I called, but now they say that my “membership does not involve conversation with a representative,” but I can fill out an online form or more than basic membership to talk to someone. IT`S A SCAM! Eventually, I had to block them as a seller on my CC side to try to stop it. The prices I`ve seen are everywhere – from only $20 a month to $2600 a month. The price depends on the industry/category, membership and location. Do you want to be super sneaky? Call the contest, which is advertising, and ask them how much they pay. I`ve been a member for 2-3 years, suddenly I can`t log in or change the password.

No one answers emails or picks up phones, even if you want to cancel your subscription. I can`t register for the last 6 months, so remember that there is no customer service behind this site if you plan to become a member. Angie`s List offers several ways to terminate your membership. Once you cancel your paid subscription, you can continue to access some of its features with limited capacity. Angie`s list is simply a fucked-up company that exploits naïve people who don`t know it better. I`m still angry that she would collect your email address first, and then say it costs money, so even if you say “why fucking I would pay to write reviews,” they can still spam you every day. I`ve been making Angie`s list successfully for years, but that`s changed.

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