Agreement On Trade Related Investment Measures Notes

The measures covered in paragraph 2, point b) on the list include a limitation on imports in the form of currency clearing. The importation of products used in local production or related to local production is limited by a company by limiting the company`s access to foreign exchange to an amount related to foreign exchange flows attributable to the company. These notified TRIMs were to be removed by December 31, 1999. None of these measures are currently in effect. As a result, India has no outstanding obligations under the TRIMs agreement with respect to notified TRIMs. Pending the conclusion of the Uruguay Round negotiations, which resulted in a well-concluded agreement on trade-related investment measures (the “TRIMs agreement”), the few international agreements providing for disciplines for foreign investment restraint measures have provided only limited guidance on substance and countries. The OECD Code on the Liberalization of Capital Movements, for example, requires members to liberalize restrictions on direct investment in a number of areas. However, the effectiveness of the OECD code is limited by the many reservations of each member. [2] The Trade Investment Measures Committee monitors the operation and implementation of the TRIPS agreement and gives members the opportunity to consult on all questions asked. The committee reports to the Trade in Goods Council. The current chair is.

The WTO`s general dispute settlement procedure, as set out in the Dispute Settlement Agreement, applies to disputes arising from the TRIPS agreement (Article 8). Issues related to the alleged inconsistency of certain measures with the TRIPS agreement were raised in 34 requests for consultation under the DSU. Sixteen of these cases were transferred to the formation of a panel, while 6 were settled or terminated by an amicable solution. The rest is still in the consultation phase. Here is a complete list of these disputes, with summaries of reports and results. In accordance with Article 7 of the TRIPS agreement, a trade-related investment measures committee is established as a forum to review the implementation of the agreement. The committee meets no less than once a year. Much of the Committee`s work has focused on notifications received in accordance with Article 5.1 of the agreement. The committee`s work today focuses mainly on the discussion of specific concerns expressed by some MEPs regarding other MEPs` trade-related investment measures. This agreement, negotiated during the Uruguay Round, applies only to measures relating to trade in goods. Recognising that certain investment measures may have effects restricting trade and distortions, it notes that no member can apply a measure prohibited by Article III of the GATT (national treatment) or Article XI (quantitative restrictions).

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