4000 weeks – a sobering thought?

Friday 3rd April – 4000 weeks?

What exactly does that mean? – It’s an indication of how many weeks the average person in this part of the world has on this planet! Quite stark when it’s illustrated like that isn’t it?

Life is really too short to be stuck in a work environment which isn’t complimentary to your general mental health & well-being.

All of us have a varying values sets, as to what makes a positive working experience for us. For some it’s the team of people we work with, for others – it’s the competence and the values of the senior management team that are guiding the direction & culture of the company. For others it’s merely a means to an end – as in it pays the bills, but they despise every precious minute they spend there.

We are fortunate that we are living in the technological age, where job hunting and securing a more suitable role is far easier, than yesteryear, where it was frowned upon if you weren’t in a “job for life” and applying for jobs meant a weekly scan of the “situations vacant” (what a quaint term) page in the local newspaper and then a lengthy application process by snail mail and fierce competition at interview stage.

As we reach another milestone in 2015 – Easter, perhaps we can all reflect and ask ourselves are we really happy with our working environment?

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